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What is Truthful Lies?

Long story short: it’s an ongoing exploration of the many truths embedded in all kinds of fictional storytelling: from books, to movies and shows, to games, and so on.

Well, I lied (wink, wink). There’s actually no long story. I like simple things.

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Ok, but what will be in the e-mails?

How about we start to build some trust for our—hopefully—long lasting friendship?

This is a freestyle publication. It means I won’t know until I hit the send button… Sometimes it’ll be short. Sometimes it’ll be long(ish). There may be memes. Or pictures. Lists? Discussions? Anything is possible. The world is our oyster!

You can also look up what has already been published (here) to get an idea.

It can only be a good time, in my humble opinion.

Bring your friends!


Oh, by the way…

Hi! I’m Cristianna.

Everybody calls me Cris. I only get called Cristianna when I’m in trouble.

It should suffice to say that I’m pathologically disagreeable, chronically lucky, decidedly ambivert, terminally curious, and often find myself distracted by almost everything.

You could acurately describe me as an elderly-millennial writer born in Brazil, who has been living in Seattle for almost a decade. Sometimes I daydream about being a comedian, but I’m pretty sure I’m not funny enough (and might have the terrible habit of laughing at my own jokes).

I wrote a more detailed profile. You can read it (here) to get to know me a little better. You know… in case your mom told you not to talk to strangers. Because my mom did tell me that, so be a darling and tell me about yourself, too!

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